General Information about our Services

We specialize in all manner of investigations: criminal, commercial, government, and domestic. We have the expertise and the equipment to get the hard evidence you need to win your case, and our investigators have been qualified as expert witnesses in both State and Federal courts.

Confidential Services has a major crime unit for investigating cases such as unsolved homicides, robbery and burglary, corporate theft and embezzlement cases, insurance fraud (workman's comp, personal injury, etc.), identity theft, undercover investigations (narcotics, employee theft, espionage, sabotage, pirating and copyright infringement), sex crimes, etc.

We also specialize in...

Civil cases such as child custody and child endangerment, wrongful death, surveillance, sexual harassment, workplace safety, and domestic investigations

Background investigations: including pre-employment, potential partners, child care providers, nannies and housekeepers

Asset investigations: for attorneys and other litigants to assess the potential value of judgments or lawsuits

Locating people: beneficiaries, missing persons, military buddies, friends and family members

Process Service: It's how we got started, and we still serve tons of papers