Criminal Investigation and Defense

Homicide . Theft . Robbery . Rape . Assault . Fraud

If someone has committed a crime against you, your family, your business, or your client, you'll need Confidential Services to conduct a thorough investigation of the facts. Let us uncover the evidence and pertinent information to help you get justice and closure.

We also regularly help innocent people get exonerated of false or mistaken charges. Benefit from our experience with legal trials. We will save you time and money.

Our exceptionally high success rate in both prosecution and defense cases is due to the fact that we only take on cases where we feel that we can help our clients get the evidence necessary to win their case.

Major Crimes Unit

Why do other investigative agencies in Ohio refer their criminal cases to us? We have been hired to investigate so many criminal cases, that we've developed our own major crimes unit. The major crimes unit is staffed by investigators with law enforcement, military, and corporate investigation experience. We employ the highest standard of protocol for our investigations, even exceeding most law enforcement standards. Though we do strive to be as efficient as possible, we do not have the same budget limitations that your local law enforcement agency may be forced to deal with. We can chase leads and perform investigations for you that they simply can't.