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When you've been in the business as long as we've been in the business.....

We have certainly investigated some high profile cases, and these cases can sometimes get city, state, or even national media exposure. Feel free to browse some of our historical media files.

Television News

Protect Yourself from Dating Scams

CSI helps bring down a corporate theft ring

CSI investigates a missing persons case

CSI investigates a hate crime homicide

A death ruled "accidental" gets reopened as a homicide


A young man's murderer is brought to justice...

Eric Tong - Article 1

Eric Tong - Article 2

Eric Tong - Article 3

Eric Tong - Article 4

Another high profile homicide case...

D.M. Ford - Article 1

D.M. Ford - Article 2

D.M. Ford - Article 3

Suspect Acquitted of ID fraud case...

Nekeia Mack-Fuller - Article 1

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Notable Letters

Its nice to be appreciated, so we've decided to save some notable letters that people have sent to us over the years.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

David L. Heilberg

TheBestRated.com - Anonymous


Ford Motor Credit

John W. Waddy Jr. - Attorney at Law