Workman's Compensation . Unemployment . Disability . Fraud . Employee Theft . Undercover Work

Know what's going on behind your back, and get the evidence to prove it. We use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and proven techniques to get you the hard evidence to win your case.

Background Investigations

Pre-Employment . Businesses . Associates

Know your associates through background investigations. Confidential has the time, expertise, and personnel to conduct a thorough investigation of the facts. Verify the authenticity of documents, services, and other claims. Expose scams and fraudulent practices.

Expert Polygraph Service

We provide polygraph examinations for a variety of cases. Our expert polygrapher, who is certified through the Ohio Polygraph Association and the National Polygraph Association, has gone through extensive training and continues to do so, so that we can guarantee you accurate results. Polygraph examinations are accepted as evidence in many cases. They are instrumental in most types of interrogations, and often lead directly to confessions.

Process Service

State of Ohio

Tired of using the court to handle your process service? Need someone served tonight? Confidential handles hard to serve cases that elude the court and other companies. We will handle your process service quickly, efficiently, and with a smile. We offer pick up and delivery, multiple attempts of service, same day or rush service and our guarantee.

Skip Tracing

General Locates

Confidential Services specializes in finding hard core accounts. We, at CSI, know that finding skips takes time and money. That's why you want to leave it to the experts and concentrate on what you do best.

Door Knocks / Field Visits

Our Door Knock Program

Is someone you need to contact avoiding your communication? Confidential Services has developed a field investigation service called the Door Knock service. In this program we will make three attempts to speak with your customer. If your customer is at home, our investigator will collect the information that you need and/or put them on the phone with you or one of your representatives.


Due Diligent Reports . Locate Missing Heirs

Even the most competent attorney can miss an heir to an estate. Many executors and administrators of estates know that this can be a costly mistake. Confidential Services can provide you with a "Due Diligence Report" indicating that all reasonable efforts to locate and contact heirs has been made. Confidential supplies both the expertise and the diligence that judges expect.